Heat Exchangers

Pull, Clean & Install

Tartan provides our Customers with low cost, safe and integrated service solutions for Heat Exchangers.

Tartan’s skilled and experienced Exchanger Crews project manage and self-perform all Heat Exchanger Maintenance and Repair Services. Our crews are fully trained and vetted through our In-House Heat Exchanger Services Training Program to ensure safe and quality workmanship.

Tartan’s on-site turnkey Heat Exchanger Services include:

  • Equipment Isolation and Disassembly of Components
  • Bundle Extraction and Installation
  • Cleaning of Bundles, Bundle Components, and Shells
  • Heat Exchanger Repairs:
    • Tube Plugging
    • Re-Tubing
    • Weld Overlay
    • Gasket Face Repairs
  • Completion of Torqueing, Pressure Testing and Supply of Documentation

Tartan also offers off-site and on-site Bundle Cleaning solutions including Ultrasonic, Chemical, High-Pressure Water cleaning.

Tartan services all Heat Exchanger types including:

  • Coil-style Heat Exchangers
  • Hairpin Exchangers
  • Plate Exchangers
  • Shell and Tube Bundles
  • Straight-tubed Heat Exchangers
  • U-bundle Heat Exchangers