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Tartan Canada Corporation (“Tartan”), has been providing safe, high quality, cost effective industrial energy services within Western Canada since 1953 and provides both open shop and union building trade workforces to our customers.

Tartan Industrial Contractors Ltd. (“TICL”), an open shop entity, began operating in 1953. TICL provides plant and field maintenance; turnarounds / shutdowns, sustaining capital projects and fabrication to our customers. 

Arc Line Construction Ltd. (“Arc Line”), an open shop entity that began operating in 2003. Arc Line provides both green and brown field plant and field construction, steel and composite pipelines up to 16 inch in diameter and fabrication to our customers. 

LML Industrial Contractors Ltd. (“LML”), a union based entity, began operating in 1991. LML provides quality, cost-effective union solution for plant and field maintenance, shutdowns / turnarounds and construction projects. 

Tartan's industry experience in Western Canada includes conventional oil & gas, in-situ, oilsands, upgrading, refining, petrochemical, midstream, power, mining, fertilizer, potash and pulp & paper. 

Tartan is a privately held corporation, registered in the Province of Alberta. Its majority shareholder is Banyan Capital Partners, a Vancouver-based private equity firm. The remainder of the company's shares are held by the Tartan leadership team members and other investors. 


1953: The Beginning
Tartan Canada Corporation was founded in 1953 in Redwater, Alberta.

Banyan Capital Partners acquires Tartan.

Tartan Canada Corporation acquires operations within the Wood Buffalo region to service the in-situ and oilsands sector.

Tartan Canada Corporation acquires LML Industrial Contractors Ltd, in Lloydminster, SK to offer our customers the ability to access union building trades.

Tartan Canada Corporation establishes an open shop business within Lloydminster, AB.

Tartan Canada Corporation acquires ARC Line Construction Ltd., an open shop company, to add pipeline capabilities to our existing service offerings.

Tartan Canada Corporation establishes a greenfield operation within Swift Current, SK to service conventional oil & gas and the tight oil market.

Tartan establishes a field facility in Lloydminster, AB to serve the Alberta and Saskatchewan regions.

Tartan Canada Corporation

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